Dream Big

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

– Eleanor Roosevelt.

Your dreams are beautiful. They have colors that only you can see. Each plan is a stroke of your favorite color. Your dreams are like sunsets that rise slow, glow bright, and shine.

The beauty of your dreams are the marvelous wonders of the imagination. It’s the vision that you can see in the distance even if you’re not close.

The beauty of your dreams are the emotions in your heart that makes you shed a tear because you know God is real.

I’ve seen the beauty of my dreams. They are beautiful because they are mine, and I can picture them like no other. I can see them when I’m on the stage of life talking to millions.

I don’t need you to sign off on my dreams. My dreams create opportunities to be mentored and to grow. I will build my own table where I will sit at the head and watch as my future unfolds.

I dare to dream hard, dream big, and follow the pursuit of happiness.

So here, here…………A toast to the beauty of your dreams.